Cedar Dog House

Hambone and Dogs

Cedar Dog House
  • $989.00

 100% Solid Cedar Home.  Sizes Based on Interior Room.  All houses come fully assembled, stained and sealed in a natural color.  These houses are not to be compared to ones sold at Lowe's, Pet-Smart or most any other retail store (their houses are made of 3/4" pine slats and only stained to look like cedar).  Our houses are made of 2" solid redwood cedar.  Each row is held together with lag screws.  The roof is made from 1" cedar slats and cedar shingles.  All corners have also been doweled for a hardware free look.  Because these houses are 100% cedar they are rot and pest resistant.  Our houses are made of only solid cedar wood.  These houses come fully assembled and are ready for as soon as you get them. Each house is shipped heavy freight and will shipped directly to your home.   Remember this is fully assembled, you do nothing but open the box.  Each pet home is made to order and could take 15-20 business days to receive.   Because these homes are made with 100% Cedar they will provide your best friend a cozy place in the winter and a cool place to rest in the summer for the life of your pet.  

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