About Us


With over 25 years of veterinary field experience, owners and bakers Debbie and Jessica had seen so many of our furry friends on a strict diet for allergy issues, intestinal disorders and issues with weight.  There were very few treats that tasted good, that could accommodate their issues.  With this in mind, and Debbie having one of her own dogs with food allergies we started researching ingredients and getting baked treats from a local dog bakery.  The problem we were running into, is that with most of the treats had no flavor and ones from local barkeries were only fresh for a short time.  

The Pay Off

After countless trips and spending lots of money on  "special treats", she may not even eat or like, something had to give.  Debbie started making her own treats at home, the flavor was there but once again, she was baking at least once a week to keep the treats fresh.  This was not only taking time, but costing about the same as buying the barkery treats.  So after stepping back and more researching, we found a way to make our fresh baked treats stay fresh up to 6 months.  

Knowing Your Needs

Knowing other pet’s needs for safe, nutritionally balanced treats, Hambone and Dogs Pet Treats was started.  With our business taking off, we purchased a gourmet pet bakery in April 2011 and are now offering nutritionally
balanced treats, artisan treats (during the howlidays), and our No Wheat, No Corn, No Soy treats.  To be sure we are providing only the best quality treats, all of our recipes have been certified through the State of Texas. Each treat includes our ingredients and a guaranteed analysis.  We strive to provide only the best scratch made, fresh and nutritionally balanced treats to you and your pups.  Our pets are our family and should be "treated" that way.

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