Treats & Jerky Club

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Treats & Jerky Club
  • $32.00

Our treats & jerky box is just what it is, Treats and Jerky.  Each month we will send your pup a box of our fresh baked goodies and our famous Chicken Breast Jerky.  Our boxes come in 3 different sizes and a no wheat, no corn no soy option.  Cookie flavors will vary monthly.  Treat boxes can be customized, so if you have any questions or request please let us know. 

The Mini Box $32.00 value: includes 6oz. chicken jerky, 8oz bag of mini treats cookies and a special cookie. 

The Classic Box $32.00 valueincludes 6oz. chicken jerky, medium 8oz bag of treats and a special cookie.  

The Big Box $51.00 value: includes 12oz. chicken jerky, 1 pound bag of treat cookies, a large special cookie. 

Wheat & Corn Free Box $42.00 value: includes 6oz. chicken jerky, 1 pound bag of  wheat & corn free treat cookies and a special wheat free cookie. 

6 month and 12 month clubs enjoy FREE SHIPPING.    

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