Elevated Feeder Station w/ Bowls

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Elevated Feeder Station w/ Bowls
  • $80.00

These 2 bowl elevated feeding stations come in 4 different colors and 6 different sizes.  

Feeders in picture.  Front: dark walnut, Middle: natural Rear: cherry.

3 inch set comes with 2- 1 pint bowls    dimensions-

5 inch set come with 2- 1 quart bowls   dimensions- 18"x11"x5"

8 inch set come with 2 quart and 1 quart bowl.  dimensions- 20"x12"x8"

12 inch set comes with 1- 3 quart and 1- 2 quart bowl  Dimensions- 22"x14"x12"

15 inch set comes with 2- 3 quart bowls  Dimensions- 24"x14"x15

20 inch set comes with 4 quart and 5 quart bowl  Dimensions 26"x16"x20

Feeders are made at time of order.  All feeders come with a water tight 3 coat lacquer sealant and can take up to 3 days to cure.  Feeders 12 inches and over will ship with legs detached.  Please allow 2-3 weeks with shipping.  

3 bowl set are available.  please contact us for special pricing.  hamboneanddogs@gmail.com or 817-454-2997


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